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Any experiences with the Lyme and PANS Treatment Center/Dr. Monarch/Dr. Bock


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A friend sent us the link for this treatment center in Cohasset, MA.  We already have a PANS/Lyme MD, but we were looking for a psychologist with PANS/Lyme experience to get some suggestions for helping our 7 year old daughter with symptoms and possibly get some recommendations for alternative therapies/ways to boost her immune system (the center's treatment team offers things like accupuncture, yoga, breathwork). The director is Elena Monarch, a neuropsychologist, and our appointment would be with her.  We weren't planning to see Dr. Bock per se, but I'm always open to seeing another MD for a second opinion on treatment given that we are not seeing a rapid recovery with antibiotics (symptoms began 5 months ago, although I now suspect that over the previous three years there was a pattern of mild post-infection symptoms).  Feel free to PM me if you have any experiences with this center or these doctors that would be best shared privately.

We would also love recommendations for any other treatment providers (psychologists, nutritionists, etc.) with PANS/Lyme specialization in the CT area.

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