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Hello, Has anyone used this treatment (low dose immunotherapy) for children with Lyme or PANS? Is this contraindicated in either? And is this a problem in kids with possible immune system deficiency? Thanks so much!

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We have been using LDA and LDI for two and one-half years now. Our daughter is at 100% both physically and emotionally/mentally.  We will continue with the injections until her immune system is at 100%, and it is slowly recovering.  Her Natural Killer cells were in the single digits when we began LDI/LDA after 5 years of antibiotics/antimalarials/herbals, etc. I am not sure if the 5 years of very aggressive treatment set her up for success with LDI, but I believe it probably did.

You can read my back posts from 2015 -  we saw an immediate  turnaround as soon as we began the injections (same day), and a much more normal life within a month.  She got better and better as the  months went on, and perhaps hit 100% after 9 months or so, but the constant burden and pain of all of that OCD was eliminated pretty quickly.

Her LDA is for strep, and LDI for 15 strains of babesia/lyme/bartonella. She takes the injection every 8 weeks, and we get the injections in the mail every other time.  Painless and so easy. 

There is an audio broadcast from Ty Vincent online, and that information may be helpful in educating you about this incredible treatment possibility for our kids. 

Hope this helps!


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