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Blood work for newly diagnosed TS son

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I should start by saying that is an amazing site.  I always feel that I am alone on my anti-pharmaceutical island.  

My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with Tourettes.  I feel like I was left dangling by the pediatrician without any directions on how to proceed.  I have an appointment with our nurse practitioner as I want to do blood work to see if there any nutritional deficiencies.  Without guidance from a doctor (we dont have a doctor as I didnt vaccinate my children), I need help.   

What type of nutritional deficiencies should I make sure to test for? 

Are there any other tests I should request?  Bacteria? 

Can you test for Panada? 

Allergy testing obviously but anything specific...?


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Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to read that your young child is having difficulties. We know that feeling of having no direction to turn to in how to help your child after a visit to the doctor, and hope you find answers soon.

You have asked such an important question. There is not one perfect answer, as cases differ. But the Great Plains Laboratory has come up with a set of tests that you could consider. The lab can consult with the doctor/nurse if there are questions. You could review this list and see what seems to make a connection for you.Generally, insurance will cover some but not all of them. I do not know about Canadian insurance though.

https://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/tourettes-tics-and-ocd/?rq=tourette syndrome

Please see what you think. Did the symptoms come on suddenly or gradually? Feel free to share more about your situation. And am sending best wishes to the whole family.

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Thank you for the information!!!  I forgot to click the box to receive a message if someone responds so I didn't see this!

Our nurse practitioner only tested my son for a fraction of the blood work I requested as it was alot.  Apparently they wouldn't allergy test at this age unless you have a very specific allergy (even though my three year old just underwent allergy testing for asthma).  Something is better than nothing of course so we're keeping positive! 

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