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Decided to chime in on my son instead - PAN/ADHD

2016 was a horrific year for us - my twelve year old suffered terrible anxiety, school refusal, agoraphobia, along with suicidal thoughts, all comorbid with his ADHD.

Despite an anxiety/school refusal treatment program, we still ended up pulling him out of his private school in February.  We enrolled him the public school with the hope at least of getting an IEP for him.   To the shock of everyone,  he actually did well  . . . going to school, and making it through class.  He even started leaving the house again.     Just when I thought we had passed the rough waters, we were back in the same boat in seventh grade.  He started off strong, but within weeks was in melt-down mode.   The school refusal started again, and life was a living to get him out of the house.

Despite my hesitation to start him on meds again (I believed it to be the Stratterra for his ADHD that caused him to become suicidal), I was desperate and we started him on anti-anxiety meds.  There was absolutely no impact on his anxiety from the medication, but rather, he began to show signs of OCD.  He would tell me he felt the "need" to spin around or walk a certain way.    With zero improvement in the anxiety, it was a no-brainer to discontinue his medication.  While the anxiety remained, the OCD symptoms disappeared

We then  had him work with a school refusal specialist.  Ben was awesome, and would literally show up at the house those mornings when we couldn't get Michael to school.   He gave us some great tips for overcoming the school refusal, and for the most part they worked.  That, and with an IEP in place, we had a much smoother year.  And so far for this year, it is like night and day.

So not sure how much puberty had to do with it . . . something really triggered him.  ADHD is still there but that seems manageable compared to the anxiety and school refusal.









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