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How do I find a PANDAS doctor in NYS (or western CT)?

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How do I find a doctor who will aggressively treat my son's PANDAS.  He had PANDAS for the first time in 4th grade, and recovered enough to attend school in 5th through 8th grade.  Then last year in 9th grade he got PANDAS again in March at age 15.  His recovery seems to be taking longer.  We got him through the school year last year, but he's off to a bad start this year and I can see that the school district, while sympathetic, doesn't really intend to, or even seem equipped to, make the accommodations necessary for him to be successful....he has a 504. So I'm realizing that I need to investigate treatment options that go beyond antibiotics.  He's hopefully seeing the pediatrician today, but I'm not hopeful that she will treat aggressively.  Any advice would be very helpful--on either the medical front or the education front.

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