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Herx, Lyme, info please? help?

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OK, so I'm on herbal thinhs for Lyme (Amy Smith's my practgiton and having waht Amy thinks is a herx - new and nasty compulsions, fatigue, creaky joints.  Amy asked me to come down to doing the herbal things only Mon, Wd&Fri && just the detox things the other days.  I've been doing that a week.  Still bad.  My mum keeps asing me to "go om Latitudrs and find out about herxes".   When I ask her find out what she waves her hands and says I don't know.  She has Mercurry im Pisces and can't help it.  One thing she doers mean is how long do thy last - I should know that, I've been usign this forim long enough, but I can't remember.  NOt really capable of doing the amount of searching and teading up requireed for a request as sweepim as "find out about herxes".  If any kind poerson could help uz out by giving ,me a quick idito's guid it would really hhhe!

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*smacks head* Amy said that!  But I was having an OCD attactk over something else she said about so,ething else and it dfrove it clean out of my head until now!  Will get immediately, well, noit immediatel because it's 5:53 on a sunday and not get because my dad will have to go to the shops fpr me.  See what I mean anyho  :-D

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I always thought herxes lasted for about a week.  I suppose that if you lowered the dose of the herx-causing agent,  you would reduce the severity at the expense of making it long - I don't have much experience with that.  What we thought was herx, hit our son on about day 2 (of a new, effective abx),and lasted several days, slowly getting better after day 4 or 5.  This is just one experience.

The reason your question is important, is that you want to know that what you are experiencing is not an allergic reaction to something new you are taking, in which case it won't really go away with time.  But allergic reactions wouldn't be a flares in OCD, I would think.

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