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Which type of magnesium is best?

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Magnesium Oxide should be avoided as it is very poorly absorbed.

The only downside with mag citrate is that it can cause a loose tummy. But if one doses correctly, the bioavailability of ionic forms like Natural Calm are very helpful

We also used magnesium taurate successfully as taurine itself is also a tic reducer.

A number of people have reported that magnesium glycinate has been helpful

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Hi Chemar,

 I read that you give you use magnesium taurate.  Can you please tell me which one you use?  My son is 6 years old.  Do you know if it's safe tot give it to him?  I have used magnesium citrate but, I did  not help his tics.


Thank you,



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Hi Cathy, A physician I worked with often would recommend magnesium taurate for children and adults. It is generally considered safe to use. This is one brand


Please keep in mind that magnesium can take a while to have a positive effect. Also, it is not usually the sole answer to tics. A number of other efforts  may be needed.  Hope this is of some help. 


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