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Nothing is working😢

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Nothing is working for my 12 yo old daughter who developed tics after taking Adderall one year ago. We immediately took her off the Adderall, and her first tic, a sigh breathing tic, has stayed the same. She sigh breathes almost every waking minute of every day. Yes, i’ve read the book,  I’ve looked at 1000s of websites and combed through this forum. She’s had OAT and blood testing. I even spoke to the famous Dr. Walsh in person and he told me that my daughter’s tics are permanent.😢 We’ve seen two pediatric pulmonologists and a Holistic nurse practitioner. We’ve cleared my daughter of Candida - no effect on tics. We cleared her of clostridia - it reduced one of her minor tics. I eliminated gluten and dairy - no effect on her tics. She does not have allergies except for some Igg - eggs, oats, green peas and shrimp. I’ve eliminated those, no effect on tics. It is not OCD. It is not strep. It is not anxiety. I’ve eliminated most toxins and put her on Reduced Glutathione; no effect on her tics.

I need to hear a success story from someone who “cured” their child of tics that resulted from Adderall (or another sort of stimulant medication).

I am desperate and running out of solutions. I’m afraid that Dr. Walsh may have been correct.😢

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So sorry to hear of the ongoing struggles.

One thing that might be helpful is acupuncture with biofeedback (not neurofeedback!) and antitox therapy

My son's horrendous reactions to medications he was initially given for TS/OCD are documented.

Our acupuncture therapist did a remarkable series of treatments to try to reduce the side effects and we really saw benefits

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My son had acupuncture as well as biofeedback resonance therapy. 2 separate treatments but our therapist performs both.

Neurofeedback is a completely different treatment, and we were advised by our physician never to have it. Some other parents on this forum also reported bad reactions from it for TS kids

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Hi argentanya,

I'm sorry to hear this. My son has tics... on the mild side but still, no one likes to see their children go through this. Since it seems your daughter's tics are meds induced, I'm not sure if this would work on her. Jump on YouTube and search for Dr. Stack, Dr. Brown, Dr. Garcia, Dr. Lee and others. Search YouTube and the web for "tmj temporomandibular joint tourette appliance".

I'm seriously considering it having it done for my son. Just yesterday I asked him if he has discomfort in his jaw joint and to our surprise he says that his jaw joint does bother him and sometimes it hurts. The doctor should be a TMJ specialist familiar with Tourette's/tics.

Anyway, it's expensive. $3k-$5k, but we're going try it. I'm not advocating this will work for anyone. But we're also desperate to help him and have tried diet and supplements. They work sometimes. And then the tics come back. Frustrating.

I wish you and your daughter the best. Keep us posted. I will too.



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This is a good suggestion, James.

The pre-test (with tongue depressors or similar approach) can often reveal whether this might be a good connection. it is not always a foolproof assessment but worth considering.

We have a number of posts on this on the forum.  Go to the search box and put in Stack. All threads related to an appliance are not under that search term but you will see lots of feedback and can then search for related topics if interested.

It can also help to have a jaw assessment by an experienced chiropractor, an osteopath specializing in manipulation, or  an expert cranial sacral therapist who could assess the situation and possibly make adjustments.

It would be great if both of you will keep us informed, and we sure hope it goes well.

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