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Treatments for Lyme

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Please share if any of you have had positive or negative experience with one or more of the treatments below.

Medical Ozone,

Nutritional Infusions,


Botanical medicine,

Oral Micronutrient therapy

German biologicals. 


Thank you!


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Is "botanical medicine" the same as "herbal medicine"?  Because if so I think you'll find that THAT's a topic that could go on for ever!  If you do a  search for, say, "Lyme herb" on this forum you'll probably find lots of stuff, bedsides whetatver comes up in responmse to this thread. 

As for "German biologicals", not too usre what you mean but is that anything to do with Pekana Herbals of Germany?  I've beem taking a couple of their things for a few months now on my practitioner's orders but can't really tell whether they're helping or not (I'm on a lot of things, anyway); all I c an say for sure about Pekana if that they're an absoulte swine to order things from!  :D

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