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Results of "Short Poll for PANDAS/PANS Mothers"


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After half a year of collecting responses, the "Short Poll for PANDAS/PANS Mothers" (listed at the very top of this forum) has been analyzed, and there are some interesting results!

The purpose of the poll was to see if there was an association of PANDAS/PANS and the Rh negative factor.  The number of Rh negatives is suspiciously high, but not to the "statistically significant" level that is typically set for this kind of analysis.  It is expected that this association could be shown in a larger poll, because an association between Rh negative and autoimmunity has been well-demonstrated (see the 1st attachment for a reference).

A surprise result is a statistically significant association with the A blood type among moms and PANS/PANDAS in their kids.  The rate of A blood among respondents was 57% vs. 42% in the representative general population.  As far as I can tell, any link between A blood and PANS/PANDAS is not previously reported or suggested on the internet.

Thank-you for contributing towards this!  There is (always) more that can be investigated, but we'll pick up more some time in the future.  In the meantime, do read some more details, analysis and discussion about this poll in the attachments, and feel free to make suggestions for a future poll in this area.  Some suggestions for additional questions are:

- tallying blood types of the PANS kids
- tallying blood types of both the biological parents
- whether an rh- mom had the shot to prevent hemolytic anemia in an rh+ child
- whether the mom had Anti-E antibodies (see MichellAnti-EMom's entry in the poll thread itself)
- whether the mom had a cesarian section for her PANDAS/PANS child
- how long the mom breast fed her PANDAS/PANS child










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I am unable to open the links! 

I remember reading somewhere that the amount of mercury in the vaccine was much higher when I got it, back in the early 90's. Does anyone know more about this?

Also, when I received my first Rhogam shot, I spoke with a hospital employee who mentioned she had got the shot as well. Many years later, I heard her son had committed suicide, and this was right around the time my dd started having major issues. The shot connection has always been in the back of my mind...  More research needs to be done.

Thanks so much to whoever worked on this. We need to find answers.

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Hmmm - I can open them, but I will contact the admin and see whether they can help.

I don't know much about mercury in shots, but I do believe the stabilizers in vaccines have changed over the years.

The Rhogam shot is one of the interesting things to investigate - I haven't thoroughly combed the internet to see what studies have been done on it, but I will have a look.


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On 9/6/2017 at 8:07 AM, searching_for_help said:

I am unable to open the links! 

There has been a change made by the admin (files were somehow locked, though not to me).  Can you try again and see if they open for you?

The attachments are not meant to be all read by everyone -  just whatever interests you.  The last one in particular is meant for those versed in statistics that want to know exactly what was done and the results.

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On 9/6/2017 at 8:07 AM, searching_for_help said:

The shot connection has always been in the back of my mind...  More research needs to be done.


I did do some poking around about the rhogum shot.  There is a lot of discussion, some heated (i.e. on both sides) about the role of these shots (and others) on autism, but research seems silent (as best as I can tell) specifically on rhogum and PANS or PANDAS.  But we can do our own research in this group, with another survey!

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