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We've recently seen a Naturopath who instructed us to go on a "cave man" diet for my son's tics.  We've eliminated wheat, dairy, corn, potatoes, most beans and nuts. I check to make sure there is no MSG in the food.   We are two weeks into the diet and I've noticed my son's vocal and physical tics have gotten worse.  I keep reading that parents notice quickly a change for the good when they eliminate certain foods.  For us it's been the opposite.  I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with an elimination diet.  What have you done?





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Hi Chemar,

Thank you for your email.

For breakfast my son usually eats a banana, homemade almond cookies, egg whites, a date/nut bar with no msg.

Lunch: chickpea/lentil pasta with homemade pesto sauce, gluten free waffles (almond flour/coconut nectar) capacollo (homemade nitrate free pork slices)

Dinner is where we eat most of our protein hormone free chicken and nitrate/nitrite free pork.

Snacks: grapes, oranges, peaches, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, olives, seaweed, fruit puree drink pouches.

We give him 1/8 tsp of Vitamin B6, I break open a 250 mg capsule and measure it.  I have to hide the vitamin B in gummie bears

We also do Epsom baths and at night I rub magnesium on his feet.

Any suggestions/information you may have would be greatly appreciated.







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Idea that occurs to me is that you might have been unlucky and he might actually not have an intolerance to wheat, corn, etc, but does have one to to one of the things he's been eating more of instead e.g. pork or almonds, and that's why he gets worse.  Worth asking naturopath maybe.  You can get worse-before-it-gets-better reactions with the strict gluten-free-casein-free diet, allegedly, because it's actually withdrwarl symptoms from opioidlike substances that are produced.  I've never heard of worse-before-it-gets-better reactions to any other ind of eleimination diet, though, that I can remember.

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I agree that you may need to investigate possible sensitivity to the things he is eating most of. Even good healthy things can sometimes trigger tics if one is sensitive to them. eg we have a member who cannot tolerate coconut

I don't see any multivitamin/mineral or magnesium in your supplements? We found those essential for helping to manage tics. Magnesium in particular.

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Thank you Wombat and Chemar for your replies. 

I give my son B6 (hidden in gummie bears)  and I rub magnesium on his feet.   Those are the only vitamins the naturopath told us to use.  

I there is something else that can be beneficial to my son please let me know.






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Hi, here is what I did after reading numerous topics online on TICs and Triggers and patterns in TICs etc. My daughter , now 9, starting her first symtoms of TICs 4 years ago. Very seasonal in the sense that they would start in April\May and go for couple weeks and then completely gone. we ignored it pretty much each time until this April  (2017). This time, I noted dates as well as to when first symptom started and what were the patterns. I was getting tired of our dear doctors telling me that this is a neurological disorder and most kids outgrow these and so and so forth. I needed answers as to what is causing these TICS and how I can help my child.

I started charting symptoms, dates and severity etc for 4 weeks or so. Short story is - My child's allergy testing came all negative however I kept seeing symptoms that would go up on severity on days when certain pollen counts would go up so was very convinced that seasonal allergies \ "Sensitivity" had a lot to do with this for sure.

Did some more research and found a local "well rated" Chiropractor in my area. I took my child for Allergy Testing with her and also did some chiropracic work. My child's symptoms were eye rolls from one side to bottom one side. always one directional. so I knew there were two things going - 1. There is a Trigger for this TIC. 2. TIC occurs in only one area of child's body...this time eyes..

TIC had a trigger which would occur in a body part that had weakness to a degree. UPon more checks, we found the following-

My child had sensitivities to the following-

1. Ragweed pollen, Oaks Pollen

2. Aluminum (bad)

3. Mold as well

4. Food colors (bad)


This is what we did -

Removed Milk products from our diets, no tinned foods (as aluminum ), no foods with food colors at all.

STarted morning smoothies - Kale, spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, lots of fresh organic fruits.


For eyes- we used RETAIN eye drops as my child's eyes were getting DRY rather so histamines would not work.

After 2 weeks , all TICS gone completely.

We also, switched her to organic fruit plan based natural mutlivitamins.

Here is what I suggest -


1. Check for sensitivities. Find a good chiropractor.

2. Go for all natural diet and eliminate food triggers for sure. you will see the results for sure.


Good Bless!




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