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How do combination antibiotics work?

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My DS 14 is on forth week with Zithromax and Ceftin, and the first week on Rifampin. He has had loose stool on Day 2 with Ceftin and still has it but not every day. He is taking 200 billion probiotics.

I didn’t notice obvious changes but his rage seems slight decrease although he still has outburst. His OCD stays on the same level with lots of repeating. Still constantly asks for restroom everywhere. Sleeping seems little better.

He had tantrums on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 when added Rifampin. Screaming and hitting came back.

But he tried to use his words little more (He is also ASD with language delay) and even sang the music notes when was playing piano.

  1. How often rotate/change combination antibiotics (three for each regimen) will get best benefit? Six weeks? Eight weeks?

  2. If a combination will work effectively, how long should be expected to see the progress after herx?

  3. How can I figure out if regressions or new symptoms are herxs or abx intolerances?

Many thanks!

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Not sure with ASD in the mix.  Our kids had immediate departure of all residual PANDAS symptoms within 36 hours of adding Biaxin to Augmentin three years ago.  Now, when the get strep, they don't flare, they get regular symptoms and we add Rifampin for 10 days.


They have been on the combo for a year and six months....


Could be yeast? 

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