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My 16 year old ds has had tics for many years. Most tics include bending his neck sometimes just a quick bend forward but other times he uses his hand to really push his neck down and when standing he sometimes has to bend over. He also stretches his feet. I believe he has some ADHD, too.  He had started driving and has been ticcing. My concern is the safety part. While the tic is brief, he is taking his eyes off the road. Any advice from those out there who have gone through this would be greatly appreciated. I know I can't stop the tics but what can I do? 


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I'd be interested to see what others might have to say on this topic.  My TS son will also be driving in a couple of years, and I wonder what might happen while he is ticcing and driving.  The first thing that comes to mind is to get some therapy using CBIT.  I am not a therapist who specializes in CBIT, but basically it is used where a person identifies the premonitory urge before the tic, identifies the tic and the muscle groups involved in the tic, and then (and I am simplifying here) substitutes a replacement behavior for the tic; in this case, it would be another movement or behavior that would use the same muscle group but could be appropriate while he drives. If you can find a therapist near you to help with this process or you feel like it is something you son could do on his own, then that might be a choice. 

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