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For those whose child was "cured" of Pandas and or Sydenham's chorea.....

Has anyone's child had any long term visual effects?  I ask because my daughter has been to the eye doctor several times in the last month.  He directed us to a neurologist, who didn't seem at all concerned and told us to come back in a few months as she is leaving for college next week.  This was not the neurologist she used during her Pandas.  Her eye doctor is concerned about the possibility of an acoustic neuroma or ocular atrophy based upon the results of a visual field test and some other symptoms.  

We are going for a brain and orbit MRI on Thursday, with and without contrast.  The eye doctor thinks this may be as a result of the Pandas and Sydenham's she had almost 7 years ago, which was ultimately successfully treated with antibiotics, steroids, and ultimately plasmapheresis.  

She has been pretty much ok since the plasmapharesis in 2011 and has been doing relatively well. 


If anyone has had any visual effects post Pandas, please let me know.  

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