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How do you deal with a phobia/revulsion of a particular WORD?

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Thanks for your input Maryangela, this seems almost impossible to get anywhere with at the moment, so it's good to know that if the medical side is resolved it can make it a lot easier!  Very pleased to hear that life has got so much easier for you and your son.

Veering slightly off-topic, but how did you find out that yeast was a problem?  Was it just because you happened to try, for instance, that Saccharomyces stuff and it worked?

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My son had the Organic Acid Test done about 18 months ago, which showed high yeast levels.  He had been on antibiotics for 30 days +, a few months before.  The doctor suspected that he had a yeast issue even before the antibiotics, based on his symptoms.  Apparently, yeast can trigger tics and OCD.  

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Thanks Maryangela.  I had that test done a few years back but can't reemebemer what it showed, I don't remember yeast being mentioned as high but then I don't remember it being mentioned at all.  Might dig out the test results if I can be bothered.

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