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SCIG and update

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Kiddo (DD15) has had her ups and downs in the last year.  We are currently working on healing the gut and trying to be stable off all abx.  She is using essential oils instead.  Currently we are using a citrus blend, thyme, and oregano.  We will be starting a paleo style diet soon.


Kiddo is doing pretty well on the whole, but is very tired still naps 1-2 hours almost every day.  Her varicella titres started going up again, and her EBV is still above 600 despite 1.5 yrs of acyclovir.  We are stopping the acyclovir and are trying oregano and thyme EO instead.


Kiddo was just approved today for SCIG (low dose I believe) twice a month for PID.  As I understand it, this may raise or lower her viral titres (toss up).  


So, anyone had viral titres go up post IG therapy?  

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