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What do you think about hypnotherapy and meditation for CBT or therapy

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No experience with either specifically for anxiety or OCD, but have used meditation regularly for years to improve mood, reduce "standard levels" of anxiety, etc.  It definitely works, but I would encourage anyone starting out to take a class and/or regular classes initially with an expert practitioner so that you can learn the proper way to go about it and build the skill set.

As for hypnotherapy, I know some people who swear by it for other purposes (quitting smoking, for instance), but I've not really heard or read of it being especially successful for anxiety or OCD; I suspect that's probably because the anxiety and/or OCD tend to be very strongly (and at least partially genetically) wired.  And perhaps the anxiety/OCD competes for the same brain pathways that the hypnosis utilizes?  At any rate, assuming you have the means and access to an established and well-referenced specialist in this area, I don't suppose it would harm to try it.

Let us know how it goes!

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