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Anyone did Suprax for treating Bartonella?

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My DS14 is having uncontrollable rage, anxiety and OCD and was found Bartonella rashes on his body. The rashes spread to other positions by the days.

My LLND just prescribed Zithromax, Suprax (she mentioned it is an alternative to amoxicillin/penicillin, which my DS is allergic to) and Rifampin today.

Zithromax and Rifampin seem common to be used for infection. But I didn't find some information about Suprax after a lot of researches. Only saw a couple posts from another forum with negative results.

My insurance doesn't cover it all but I have to privately pay $830 for six weeks dose.

Is this a new abx on the market? Is it effective and safe to children?

Any sharing and advice will be appreciated!

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I'm not sure if it's new, but my son took it for a couple months recently with no real change. However, his main symptom now is depression, so we may be dealing more with Babesia than Bartonella, not sure. 

We are working up on the Buhner protocol for Bartonella and will probably add herbs for Babesia after that. I'm also planning to start him on ozone therapy in August.

If insurance doesn't cover it, you may want to call and ask about an alternative, or whether they can give you an Rx for 3 days to start, in case he reacts to it. It's possible they may even have samples if it's new?



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