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BIORAY for gut / parasites / probiotic

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Has anyone used any of the Bioray products? They have several different products for parasites and probiotic and liver help.

Currently going to try Cytoflora, supposed to be great for speech.

My DS 26 doesn't really talk so thought I would try it.

Also the product for helping with the liver is LiverLife, supposed to clean out toxins.


Seems these products are mostly used for autism children but thought would help anyone with similar issues.

I am also giving Buhner herbs for babesia, JP and Sida Acuta. Anyone know if ok to give herbs with bioray?

thanks for any help

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I've been using Liver Life for a while now and I've had no problem with it. It contains several mushrooms plus red root, milk thistle seed, and olive leaf, and at least two of these are Buhner recommended herbs. I mix it right in with Buhner herbs and other herbal formulas. Buhner states in his books that all these herbs can be mixed up together. I put my son's in a couple ounces of organic no-sugar-added pomegranate juice to mask the taste, and also because Buhner highly recommends it as part of the Bartonella protocol. I put my own in water because I reacted to the pomegranate juice. 

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