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PP accident! Is this kind of infection symptoms?

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MY DS 14 was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Before 12 yo, although he had delay language/speech, motor skill, social skill, attention and sensory issues, he was a calmer, sweet and happy boy. He was full putty training at age 4 and was able to go to bathroom for both peep and poo-poo independently since then.

His behavior suddenly changed in summer 2015. He screamed, jumped, hit himself and objects. Eight months ago, he started to ask bathroom frequently. (Physically, he can hold ½ to an hour). He crazily thinks/asks restroom EVERY WHERE. His rage, anxiety, OCD became worse by time.  There are some purple streaks on his body and thus found out Bartonella. His Igenex IgG and IgM (repeated after three weeks antibiotic) were all negative. We’ll do further urine test. He is not on any abx or herbs at this time.

I don’t know if he has other co-infections at this time, but a strange issue really concerned and confused me : Since summer 2016 (maybe earlier),  he always has accident (poo-poo) on his underwear almost every day (1—3 times per day with small to most amount) . It is not diarrhea but it is soft. Since he cannot express the reasons in detail due his limited speech, I’m not sure it because he addicted to watching videos on the iPod too much or he is unable to control physically due the infection.  When asked him, he responded that he should poo into the toilet but this continue happens. He changes his underwear 3-6 times a day (I have to hand wash his underwear because it smells very strong and sticks)

Is it one of symptoms of infection?

Anyone has had the similar situation?

What is the effective solution?

Any sharing/ input/advice will be greatly appreciated!

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So sorry to hear of all your struggles.

We have only had enuresis (the need to go pee frequently).  Our PANS son (he does not have autism) has so much OCD around bowel movements, that he has sometimes not gone poo for days, so we certainly don't have 

So, certainly peeing a lot is a well-known PANS/PANDAS symptom.  I don't know if frequent poo accidents are.

The other thing I wanted to mention, is that it appears that there is a link between autism and PANS.  At the Autism One conference on May 30th this year, Dr. Trifiletti (a PANDAS/PANS specialist in NJ) said that about 10% to 30% of autism children have PANS.  His presentation is long (one hour and 12 minutes), but if you want to learn more about his theory about the connection between these two, he talks about it (and a lot of other things) in this presentation:


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Yes encopresis (uncotrolled bowel movements) is common in PANS kids. Our doc thought it had something to do with constipation and gave us laxitives for it.

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