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Curious to see if anyone has tried a ketogenic diet to reduce their child's or their own tics. If so, what were the results?

The reason I ask is because if you connect the dots between the following two articles, you'll first find out that increasing the neurotransmitter GABA, may help reduce tics/Tourette's. The second article states that a ketogenic diet increases GABA in the brain and has been used successfully to treat epilepsy.




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I was wondering that as well!  I am at the beginning stages of taking notes on my 11 yr old and trying to find what his tic triggers are.  I have read several articles on how this diet helps the brain, so it only makes sense that there should be benefits for my son.  I have been trying the diet myself to lose weight and I am encouraging him to eat the same foods.  I will stay tuned to see what others are saying about it!

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Ive been researching the connection for the keto diet and tic disorders for a couple years now. I have chronic motor tic syndrome that stemmed from prescribed adderall use in college. Now that ive been keto for a couple years, the relationship is undeniable. I also cut out red40 and most other dyes, sugar, any simple carbs, and some dairy. The results are amazing and my tics are at bay for most of the day. If i have a cheat day,y tics start up immediately and can last for a couple days during my carb hangover. 

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