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Question about amount of daily probiotic

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New to this forum. 6-year-old on Keflex since March. Is there such a thing as too much probiotic? She is tolerating Culturelle and Florastor 1x/day each for a total of 10 billion CFUs. Saw Amy Smith's talk online in which she recommends 25-50 billion to protect the gut. Could you experienced parents weigh in and share what you are doing? With gratitude...

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While he was on abx, we wound up giving our DS close to 200 billion units of probiotics on a daily basis:  a large count multi-flora formula by Renew Life, plus a Culturelle and a sach b (Florastor, but a less expensive version by Jarrow).  We actually tried a little higher, but found that 200 bu seemed to be his "sweet spot," as more seemed to make him gassy.

I'm guessing "how much" is right varies from person to person, and from abx to abx.  I really like Culturelle and sach b, but I also think using a good quality multi-flora is a good call so you can keep as much beneficial bacteria going as possible.

Since he's been off abx, he pretty much just takes a Culturelle every day.

All the best!

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