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Someone on the site referred me to a Dr. Carolyn Walsh in  Leesburg. I see she is on the Lyme board of loudoun county. Has anyone had experience with Lyme? If so what are her modalities ? Antibiotics, herbals,HBot, ? Not sure I can get in? Desperate!  He is just laying there say after day till we can get an appt saying he doesn't feel good,  if anyone knows of other Dr in va, Md. D.C.  Besides Jemsek, Fletcher, Fishman, Mozayeni, please let me know thx!

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Hi Frazzled, I'd really recommend you start a new thread with a title that tells people you're looking for an LLMD or similar in VA, MD or DC. People tend to skim the titles of threads and only open the ones that are relevant to them. Also, it was BigMighty who mentioned Carolyn Walsh. You can "PM" BigMighty- send a private message - by clicking on their name, then click on the button for sending them a message.

I'm in CA, so I can't help with doctor recommendations on the east coast.

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