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Looking for a doctor in Los Angeles area for an adult

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I'm looking for a doctor for my brother in Los Angeles.  My daughter has Pandas, my son has Lyme, and my brother- I don't know what's wrong with him, but I need a doctor who will find out.  His symptoms look like something I would describe as psychosis or schitzophrenia.  I do not live near him, and his symptoms became severe not far off from the time my of daughter's.  My mother will have to take him in, and I don't think she will have the fight in her to push someone to look into this medically.  I need to point her in the direction of someone who will just do it.  He hasn't had any kind of medical workup at all.  I don't know what kind of doctor would be best.  I don't think she will be able to get him to travel very far. Any suggestions or information would be appreciated.

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Hi Plum 99,

I'm no expert on this topic at all, but in doing some research and reading around the subject, I found a Dr Jory Goodman who is native to the Beverly Hills area. It was his contribution on psychologytoday.com that prompted me to investigate further in the first place. I hope this helps.


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