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Low IGG and SubClass 1

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How low does low have to be to considered an immune deficiency? Just below normal?  Can PANS screw with these numbers and there really be a deficiency?


We are being tested because ion on going ear and sinus infections (10-15 a year since 6 months old, with little or no resolve).



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I think it ultimately depends on the doctor.  But I believe that one could be diagnosed for being just below normal.  I do not know if PANS can screw with the numbers but I do know that the numbers are changing and fluctuating daily.  Are you hoping for a diagnosis?  If you believe a deficiency may be an issue I think the doctor would be open to addressing that due to the on going infections alone.  You don't want to make a problem if there isn't one, but I can tell you low igg surely would not be helping with the infections and treatment would hopefully help!  The normal range is still a range and just because one is within range doesn't mean that they are equal to someone who is also in range with a much higher value.  Both are normal but they aren't equal and the low one might not be sufficient.  I've always looked at it like every little igg counts.  This is a reason that some people don't like IVIG and prefer other methods such as Sub Q, IVIG loads you with a big amount of igg but as the month goes on the level falls and right before the next infusion you find yourself on the low end of the range.  You stay in range, but there is a noticeable fluctuation.  Whereas Sub Q for example is weekly so you are able to maintain that level at a steady, stable, median level within the range.

Igg levels are always fluctuating so if someone happened to be just below the normal range one day this wouldn't necessarily be a cause for concern.  However, if someone tends to live at that low level outside of the range then treatment might be key to help that person maintain enough igg to live a healthier, more infection-free life.  Doctor's also definitely take the patient's ability to fight/prevent getting infection into account.. for me the diagnosis came from a combo of low levels of igg and my chronic sinus infections that I could never seem to fight off.  It sounds like the on going ear and sinus infections would be a big factor in a potentially getting this diagnosis.  I was also low in SubClass 1, not crazy low, just under the range I believe, but I was pretty low on the IGG total.

At the end of the day there are people that naturally sit on the low end of the scale and do not receive treatment, it just depends if your comfortable living at that low end.  I think its a question for an immunologist since its always good to be on the safe side.  I think they would have very valuable input.  My immunologist has always felt very strongly that I need treatment and so it never fell on me to decide wether or not I feel I really need it, I don't like to make those decisions anyway!

I also want to note that I have seen different normal ranges on different tests that different doctors have used so keep this is mind.

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