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Lyme/Bartonella doctor

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Hello Warriors- (since we are all fighting to save our children).Every day I am still in shock over what pandas and co infections can do. My son, like all our children, is so brave for the suffering he has endured...our children deserve quality of life...

I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a lyme/bartonella doctor? My son was negative for igm but 160 for igg on the igenex bartonella test. Pandas treatment alone hasn't worked. We tried the azyth/ rifampin combo but we found out through bloodwork that he can't take rifampin.

Any recommendations? 

Appreciate it!

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I'm sorry to hear this.  You can contact your local lyme advocacy group as you will need a lyme literate md (llmd) or an ILADS trained md to treat him.  Also, mdjunction has a lyme forum and you can ask for help there.

I would also recommend the perusing the ILADS website for their treatment guidelines (includes other tick born infections besides and reviewing the Buhner Protocal (herb based treatment.)  Many llmds will use a combo of antibx and herbs.

Last, when you find your llmd, ask if they know a lyme literate psychiatrist.



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