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Medicinal cannabis / CBD oil?

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Hi Moose_man22 -- I was waiting to see if anyone responded to this. I know some people have tried it and found it helpful.

NORML is one of the best sites for marijuana information. This link talks about its uses for TS


Of course the researchers only suggest it for "treatment resistant" TS, even though it tends to be safer than the conventional drugs used for TS and some would recommend that it should be a first line therapy, not after everything else fails.  (Not that marijuana or CBD oil is without some potential side effects.)

Here is an article about pediatric epilepsy and CBD oil (again they say treatment resistant.)


I hope this is some help!

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Thanks Sheila,

I have done a lot of research on the topic but was hoping some people on here may have actually tried this treatment option.

In Australia however, the legality is still a big issue as they have only just legalized growing the plant to extract CBD

We are a long way behind the US in this regard.

Thanks for your input and hoping to hear from some people that may have tried.


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Hi moose_man22

Are you in Australia? Do you or your family member have Tourette's? Are you still looking for Clerodendrum inerme?  Please reply here and I'll message you. 

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