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PANDAS - Denied Second Round of Antibiotics

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I just got back from our pediatrician's office about my DS. He started acting off (btw - no one noticed except for me for a few weeks!). Symptoms were frequent urination and then this breathing thing, where he's also sucking in air (deep breaths and air hunger). I encouraged Dr. to do a strep test because I saw something about PANDAS on my facebook page. Dr. did it and throat culture and blood test showed positive for Strep A. He got on a 10-day course of Cefrin? Urination kind of got better to the point where I don't obsessively watch for it but in exchange the breathing is now worse. We went back today for a follow-up and I asked for two courses on a different antibiotic. Dr. refused and said she would only treat if he tested positive on throat culture. I also requested appt. with Dr. latimer to rule out or treat him for PANDAS but that isn't until June 6. Is there anywhere I can go to treat sooner? Dr. Walsh in Leesburg - or a empathetic dr. who will diagnose? Please send me recommendations. There has to be more doctors out there.


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Dr. Azam Baig he has offices  one in Edgewater, Maryland (Annapolis area). He is PANDAS /PANS friendly. He treats my two sons for PANDAS, as well as many other patients with PANDAS/PANS. 

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