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It's been awhile, so I thought I would update

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Months ago I shared that food allergy treatment was our final piece to the puzzle in getting rid of symptoms that seemed to have no explanation. It seems to have held as well. Last October though, my perfectly healthy 100% free Pandas child of many months flared from a tetanus immunization shot. A flare could not have been further from my mind, and I did not even recognize it right away. We started ABX (an increase from his prophylactic dose) without any great results. I started advil 2x a day and that did the trick. For the most part he has been back to 100% again with very minimal wax/waning. He came down with a cold 5 days ago and sure enough....there were the symptoms...I was smart enough to start the advil 2x a day and this approach seems to have nipped it in the bud and also prevented further escalation of symptoms. I still believe that the October flare still has a little hold on him. An off day/half day here and there. Thinking that those dam antibodies will just need some time to completely leave his brain....Otherwise he is in good shape and holding.

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Was it a tetanus only shot (don't think that's available in the US) or the Tdap?

Many PANDAS parents (at least the ones I've encountered in FB groups) have stopped vaccinating b/c the risk of vaccination (in a child with PANDAS/autoimmune dz) outweighs potential benefits.

There is a teen in one of the FB groups (who was previously stable PANDAS) who has been having ongoing (months) severe issues (meaning hospitalizations, seizure like activity) after tdap and meningitis vaccines.

Also, don't forget that you can draw titers to prove immunity (that's what we did for tetanus) if there were prior vaccines. That said, it's hard to say that even if the titers were low, that vaccination would be a good idea for our kids.

I'm glad he's doing better now. It's hard when there are ongoing insults to the immune system (vaccines, then illness, also allergies this time of year).

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