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Stanford news article: Antibiotics have a role in PANS even with no infection

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I love this part...you know he's GOT to be thinking VACCINES (at least that was my first thought) but he just can't say it!

“We have more kids who have special needs than ever before,” large, objective increases in bipolar, autism, and other psychiatric problems, as well as increases in psoriasis, nut allergies, and other autoimmune issues. “What causes it is harder to say, but there has been a change for sure in kids and their immune system development that does affect the brain, and has probably led to more neuropsychiatric disturbances,” he said.

“No one talks about it. Everyone thinks that it’s some sort of pharmaceutical industry conspiracy” to sell more drugs by increasing scrutiny of children. “I think it’s caused by something in the environment interacting with genetics,” whether it’s infections, toxins, or something else. “We don’t know. Any kind of inflammation can be a trigger” and “we know inflammation” is key to “many psychiatric symptoms. I do think there’s something going on with kids over the last 30 years,” he said.

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Which part is bugging you, 4Nikki?  The part about referral to "several" academic centers for treatment, centers that don't really exist?  Or the part about how they use SSRIs *but* they often don't work and bad things can happen?  Lots of parts lol.  Or is there some bigger issue with the article?

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