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Hello, has anyone here ever seen binge eating/bulimia as a result of PANS and/or Lyme/co-infections? I had severely restricted food intake for four months starting last April and lost 20 pounds (I was small and borderline underweight to begin with), but then I got another high-dose IVIG and started eating more again.

Since then, I’ve cycled between restriction and binging/purging through excessive exercise, and honestly, it’s ruining my life and my body. Any insights/sharing your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything besides therapy that I can do? Or is there a particular type of therapy that any of you have found helpful?

P.S. Yes, I have Lyme and Babesia (likely since my relapse last year). I’m twenty-two with at least 10 years of PANS (8 untreated), but I was in remission until I caught Lyme last year. At this point, I don’t have many other symptoms, but this one is completely out-of-control, and traditional eating disorder therapy has been of little use. :(

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I have seen both anorexia and binge eating with PANS/PANDAS.

The binge eating occurred while receiving hd ivig. It was crazy.

Anorexia occurred at another time. Minocycline addressed the anorexia so I figure that was infection triggered.

I suspect when eating is affected the hypothalamus is inflamed.

Try to figure out what could be causing the inflammation and perhaps address it that way.

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