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Anyone have studies on long term Azith for PANDAS?

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Long story short, my insurance changed and I wont be able to visit my PANDAS doc any more who prescribes my son his Azith. Local pediatrician feels uncomfortable about putting a kid on it long term, but would consider it of I could show her some studies on it. Does anyone have a resource for me here?

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Does the doctor want to see that long-term zith works on PANS (in which case the 2 studies that jan251 linked are good), or is she concerned mostly about bad side effects from long-term zith?


If the latter, type "azithromycin long term treatment" into google scholar (https://scholar.google.ca) and you'll see all kinds of studies of patients that were put on long-term zith for various reasons other than PANS. Of course, if the disorders are life-limiting (such cystic fibrosis), doctors and parents won't be as concerned about side effects if the treatment helps the condition significantly. But there are tons of studies there and several are bound to say something about side effects.

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