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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, and am excited about discussing TS/tics, in hopes to help each other find ways that will decrease tics. My 10 y/o son has TS/tics, and he is currently getting neurofeedback. It hasn't helped yet, but I am hopeful, as it hasn't been long enough so I need to be patient. It is typical that a tics patient may need 40 treatments (but possibly 30) to notice a difference. My son has had 18 treatments so far. He also eats GFCF and low sugar. I also recently started him on a ketone powder drink, which puts his body in ketosis without eating a ketogenic diet. I have hope that doing all of this will help him. I am open to comments and opinions! Let's learn from each other! Thanks!

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Hi Elise, welcome to the Forums! We are glad to have your input. I know that some people have tried neurofeedback, with different results, which is not surprising given the different types of approach used by practitioners and the different needs of the clients. Are you using it for tic control or some other associated condition like attentional difficulties or hyperactivity?


Did you see a difference when you started the GFCG diet? Good he is low sugar! Are you able to keep him away from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives?


Does he have allergies -- or do you have them in your family?


A lot of parents report they see the benefit of going "green" at home and avoiding all scented products. Have you thought about that?


I commend you for the commitment you have made to finding answers for him, and the diet change. I know that's not easy. Along with the low sugar, it makes sense to be sure he is on a good comprehensive probiotic.


Hoping to hear back from you!

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