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I wanted to see if anyone has gone for treatment at Rothman/USF recently. I've heard good things about Rogers in Tampa for IOP, but I'm not sure where to stay there for that long, or if we could afford it. If anyone has had recent experience with Rothman could you let me know your experience good or bad? Or any other IOP. We're looking for an IOP for summer.

Thanks so much.

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Sirena or philamom,


Would you mind sharing with me your experience with Rothman (or any other PANDAS doctor in the area)? We will be relocating to the Sarasota area over the summer and the idea of not finding a competent doctor for my daughter is daunting! I am not looking for an IOP. I am looking to get established with a doctor that is able to handle PANDAS (and help us navigate the flares).


Thanks so much!

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