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Strep A not going away on 3 abx

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Anyone had this?


Son 8 had T&A 3 tears ago. No strep throat since then.


On long-term Augmentin/Biaxin combo 2.5 years, and monthly LD IVIG 1.5 years.


Got strep throat 2 weeks ago (strep A)...added Rifampin...still positive...


Headed to ENT next week.

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If the augmentin/biaxin is a prophylactic dose, it may not be doing the job because it is too low. Alternately, if it is a good strong dose, then the strep got a hold despite it's presence - so maybe your son has a strain resistant to these abx.


Hopefully, the ENT might recommend another abx to try.

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Augmentin and biaxin are treatment dose, but used prophylactically (i.e. long-term).


This is straight forward strep A though we've had odd ones elsewhere in the body D & F....


Both boys are immune deficient, but levels are now above normal at high end.


I am most curious about this brand new, highly infected tonsil tissue!!! Ewww!


Just happy that there are no flares....

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My daughter continued to get strep (or it never went away) on Augmentin, Zithromax, and Rifampin together.


We found an herb that knocked it out. Google Stephen Buhner (He is mostly a lyme doc) and strep. I followed his recommendations and my daughter is finally strep free. i am keeping her on the cryptolepis indefinitely.

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I started with just 5-6 drops three times a day and increased. It dissolves a gelcap very quickly but I fill a 000 size (big one) up three times a day (about 75 drops) and give it to her quickly before the capsule dissolves. She is doing so much better and finally healing.


I gave the echinacea every hour for two weeks as best I could. Now I give one dropper mixed with water 3 times per day.


She is 13 and 85 pounds.


The dose I am giving is on the high end but she had strep that no antibiotics could eradicate for 6-7 months. We are also doing HD IVIG for immune deficiency.

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Thanks mmw! That's super helpful! I think we will be doing a round of clindamycin with a pinch of rifampin, but I want to immediately follow it with something else for longer term and it sounds like cryptolepis might fit the bill.

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