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I am constantly searching for the right type of magnesium for my 4yo. He has a few tics - eye blinking being the worst. We have been dairy free for 1 week (only avoiding milk, yogurt and cheese, not avoiding cooked dairy) and we have also been giving my son 1/4 serving of this supplement once a day with dinner: http://www.lifeextension.com/Vitamins-Supplements/item01602/Neuro-Mag-Magnesium-L-Threonate-with-Calcium-and-Vitamin-D3


Has anyone else tried this? It has 2 grams of Magtein in it which is a form of L-Threonate I think? I think Magtein might be the best form of magnesium for my son as it is supposedly highly absorbable.


After 1 week of this daily supplement (only 1/4 dose) and dairy-free, we have seen a marked improvement in my son's tics. He has very long periods with no tics at all - 30min to 1 hr. But then he will have "spells" of blinking and winking. Hoping the long periods without tics just continue to get longer! I am not sure if the dairy free diet or if this supplement is the reason for his improvement.

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Hi JC Mom, I thought someone else might jump in here so was waiting.

Please give us an update on how things are going with your boy.


I personally love Magtein for myself. I take it along with SAMe (not good for everyone) for mental clarity. I started it about 6 months ago and have intended to write a blog about it but never get to it.


I buy mine on Amazon from the original developers of it, but was close to getting the one you have, from Life Extension. I didn't realize there was a powder form which would work well with your son. (I don't know the amount that a child should have.)


I don't know that one is better than the other-- my brand or yours. I didn't compare ingredients closely.

(Mine: "Magnesium L- Threonate-(2,042 Mg), Patented Original Magtein Supplement From MIT Inventors"


From what I have read, it does seem to be a good way to get magnesium into the brain. I notice a real difference.


I hope you will write back even with the delay in a response to your post! Everyone will want to know if you are still seeing improvement--and we hope that you are!

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My son still had "spells" of winking and blinking - we did not see the tics go away completely while on this Life Extension product. I was only giving him 1/4 dose which equates to only 36 Mg of Magnesium but a whopping 125 Mg of Calcium. I was a little scared to use this Life Ext product and since I hadn't received any feedback on it I switched back to Natural Calm with Calcium on Sunday. I gave my son 1/2 dose of Natural Calm with Calcium on Sunday and the next day he was tic free! I think it's the amount of Magnesium that made the difference - 160 Mg in Natural Calm vs only 36 Mg with the Life Extension product. I would like to get a different Magtein product that does not have Calcium added and try that again with my son at a higher dose. I do not like that the Life Extension product has so much added Calcium. I might try this product next and will update with results: https://store.drjockers.com/collections/top-sellers/products/brain-calm-magnesium?variant=5462242625


Sheila the link in your post does not work - can you share with me the brand of Magtein you are using?

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Hi -- sorry about the link. You can search

Magnesium L- Threonate-(2,042 Mg), Patented Original Magtein Supplement From MIT Inventors on Amazon.

Seems it doesn't list calcium.

Probably a comparison of the amounts of Mg between any Magtein and Natural Calm isn't a direct comparison since they are different types of magnesium.

In any case, I'm very glad your boy is doing better right now! Will watch to see what you learn about this topic.

Good luck!

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Hi Sheila and JC mom,

As I search for a good environmental physician (have two in mind), I spoke to one over the phone today and he suggested using the Lifeextension powder you'd initially used. He told me to use 500 mg (total) for my 5 year old daughter. Since I already have been giving the Calm drink (175 mg), he said to just add 325 of the Lifeextension one since it contains the magnesium that is best absorbed (or just switch to fully using Lifeextension for the 500mg). I haven't tried it (just ordered today), but will let you know how it goes. Is 500mg too much though? I did read somewhere that others have also found 500 mg effective. 

Also, Sheila, I have an appointment with Dr. Teich in NYC-he says he knows you! Do you recommend him as a doctor I should see? I'm debating between him and Dr. Kyle Meyers in Cherry Hill, NJ. Dr. Teich said that he almost wrote the Feingold diet book and knows about this forum and your book. So for now, I'm sticking to Dr. Teich unless you tell me otherwise! Thank you! Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hi pinkmom, Thank you for sharing this helpful information on magnesium.

I have spoken with Dr Teich at length on the phone and know that based on the approach he lists on AAEMonline.org as well as our conversation, he does the type of assessment and treatment that many have found useful.  That said, we have not met and I do not know anything about his practice as far as insurance, costs, etc. (except NYC and some other major cities always seem high).  If you see Dr Teich I hope you will let us know how things go. 

Some in Dr. Magaziner's office (the clinic you are considering) do similar testing--it seems Dr Kyle Meyer is a naturopath, not an allergist or physician. Naturopaths can be very helpful, it just depends what you need. I am not trying to convince you who to see, one way or another.

Do you think you will see someone soon?

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Hi Sheila,

Thanks for responding. We will be seeing Dr. Teich this week so will let you know how it goes. Insurance doesn’t really cover so will be paying roughly 800 for the first visit and 350 for subsequent visits. It’s expensive but he seems to be one of the more experienced ones near me. Thank you for letting me know Dr. Kyle Meyers is a naturopath, he mentioned all of the various tests I’d read were helpful on this forum and also suggested the life extension powder. After trying out the powder, I notice it definitely has helped more than the Calm drink. I only gave about 250 mg because 500 seems a lot and wanted to test the limits and it has definitely reduced the tics. After switching to gluten/dairy free while following the Feingold diet, tics had been reduced to an average of 80 percent. With the life extension, I’d say we are at 90 percent. Still trying to figure out the remaining 10 percent and hoping Dr. Teich can give guidance there. Will follow up.



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