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Healing or Maintenance or both?


I was wondering how many of you use olive leaf extract? I think we have come to the end of the line for antibiotics and need some anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial relief. Have used in the past for a supplement to antibiotics, but never alone. Does it work as well? We also have yeast and a viral issues. I have three kiddos and we have reached a dead end. They react or Herz to EVERYTHING. We can't get passed it.

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Jennifer --


We have used both OLE and coconut oil as anti-inflammatory/anti-microbial supplements post abx. Not sure what impact, if any, either may have on yeast growth, and I'm not sure I could discern how much of ongoing health post-abx was attributable to either of these sups and how much had to do with maturation of DS's own immune system, etc. But he's only had to return to abx twice in the 5 years since we ceased regular abx: once for an ear infection, and a second time for an eye infection.

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We gave the olive leaf capsule twice daily and the coconut oil capsule once daily, in addition to cooking with some coconut oil and applying it externally to address dry skin and bouts of eczema.


The coconut oil capsules are by Source Naturals and contain 1 gram of organic extra virgin coconut oil each. I don't have any of the olive leaf on hand (sent to DS at college), but I believe those are Jarrow brand and contain approximately 19% oleuropein (the active ingredient) per capsule. I know a lot of formulations have less of that in them, and I think the highest I've heard of being commercially available was something like 22%? And many, if not most, on the shelves of the stores are considerably lower, even -- like 9% to 11%. So that's something to watch for.


Good luck!

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