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LLMD in Northern CA referral


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Dear parents,


I'm desperately looking for an excellent LLMD who has experience with PANDAS/PAN and Lyme in Northern California. My son's symptoms become worse day by day and really needs right medical care as soon as possible!


Please send me the referral and share your experience!


Thank you so much in advance!

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I can tell you we were lucky enough to locate a PANDAS/LLMD to treat my two children over the past 2 years. Among the organization she has sought outside training from is the MedMaps organization. When we have asked her for physician referrals for others we know dealing with PANDAS/Lymes she continues to have us refer them to this organization. If she is representative of the M.D.'s being trained by this organization I highly recommend that you search for resources in CA who have been trained by this organization. Following is a link explaining the mission of this group:



PANDAS has been included as an area of training for this group. I found the following pdf summarizing the training program for PANDAS:



AND Following is a link to the MedMAPS resource directory:



While I know this is hard stuff, hang in there! As an aside, our wonderful doctor is closing her practice and we are currently in transition to a new M.D. We had been traveling across 2 states to see our "wonderful" doctor. We will now need to travel across 3 to see our new doctor. If you are able to locate someone who understands the combination of things these kids are often inflicted with, the effort is absolutely worth it! The good news is that CA, as a state, probably has more resources available then any other state out there.


Good luck!

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