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New Yale Vaccine Study


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New Study:


"This pilot epidemiologic analysis implies that the onset of some neuropsychiatric disorders may be temporally related to prior vaccinations in a subset of individuals."


"This study examines whether antecedent vaccinations are associated with increased incidence of obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia nervosa (AN), anxiety disorder, chronic tic disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, major depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder in a national sample of privately insured children."





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Along the same line of whether vaccines may have set the stage for autoimmunity...


Listen to this podcast (#4 interview with Wakefield). The whole podcast is excellent but this part pertains to infection triggered autoimmune dz (e.g. Pandas):


At 6 1/2 minutes into it (until 8 1/2 minutes) he talks about ground squirrels in Russia . In some areas, they would all die if exposed to the plague bacteria. In other areas, it was a benign infection. After 16 years of research they figured out the difference was that the squirrels that ate plants growing in areas with high heavy metal content were the ones that died...it was the INTERACTION between 2 environmental agents that affected the outcome of the infection.


👉🏼Wakefield goes on to talk about lab animals that are resistant to autoimmune dz, and giving them an infection (leishmaniasis). Then you give them mecuric acid (Mercury)and they get autoimmune dz.


So, that what happened to my kid strep + heavy metals = pandas.


Of course there are lots of unanswered questions (like what percent of kids would have PANDAS even if they weren't vaccinated) and the role of genetics. I don't think it's binary (Wakefield uses that word! 😆). I'm sure there are other players (diet, genetics, other toxins, co-infections, number of strep infections and if they are treated) in this puzzle.



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Another fine point to the non vaxers!


We have stopped vaccinating our children 5 years ago. I am sorry I did not know these things sooner, sorry about every vaccine I gave my kids.

My older kids, born in the 90's were definitely adversely affected. The unvaccinated ones are such social, bright and agreeable kids.


You can always decide to vaccinate, but never undo a vaccine.

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