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Hi, I have previously posted about my 5yo son who we thought had developed TS. Over the new year period my sons tics really reduced, but recently he started primary school (we are in Australia). This is obviously a big step up from kindergarten. In the lead up in the preceding weeks, with people asking how he was feeling etc, I think he started to get quite anxious about the whole transition to school.


The FIRST day on school, he came home doing a neck jerk and increased lip scrunch tic.


I thought we were "on top" of this all, but it has become clear to me that his ticcing is clearly linked with stress / anxiety.


Earlier this week we started him on 2x 50mg doses of L-theanine to try and settle down the anxiety - havent really seen any changes as yet.


My question to you guys is, do you know of anything that can be taken to settle this down?


I know L-theanine can cause an increase to dopamine and our naturopathic doctor has also suggested 5-HTP to possibly increase serotonin.


He already has kid calm, espom salt baths, magnesium foot rubs, essential oil massages.


Another issue is that I think that he is becoming aware of his tics - I asked him if his neck was ok and he said "yeah, its sore" but think it was more of an excuse. I did tell him we would have a massage to help and took him to a chiropractor as I have seen some positive results on tics by chiropractors


Thanks in advance to you guys, you are a wealth of knowledge



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Hello Moose_Man, Sorry to see that the anxiety has cropped up along with tics worsening.


I looked back at some of your previous posts and you had mentioned a compound formula:


Also doing a compound formula for the many minerals, acids, etc the ION profile found. This includes Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, Thiamin (B1), b-Carotene, Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pyridoxine (B6), Folic Acid (or 5-Methyl-THF), Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (B5), Calcium Citrate, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Boron.


I couldn't tell if you ever were able to give this to your son? I know you mentioned he has trouble swallowing pills but maybe it is in a different form?


Also I'm wondering if your doctor would recommend a more aggressive approach to the candida infection that you say was quite significant? I believe you said you were using an herbal therapy for it. Perhaps it still needs addressing.


Is he getting lots (and lots) of probiotics?


Here's an article on anxiety and gut flora. And is his diet a candida-friendly diet?


What else is going on that you can think of to share?


Again, so sorry you and your son are dealing with this. We all know how distressing it can be. Looking forward to hearing back.


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Hi Sheila, thanks so much for the reply.


Yes, we were able to get the compound formula into him (it's in powder form).


We have also just ordered another 2 month supply but this time added 5-HTP (only 25mg/day) to see how he reacts. Also upped his iron from 20mg to 25mg.


His diet is usually pretty good, snacks are mostly no preservatives / colours etc but there is a bit of "junk" food creeping back in which we need to address.


He is currently taking half a capsule (in powder form) of Ultra LGG https://www.metagenics.com.au/Products/Product/UFLC - not sure if this is a good probiotic but our naturopath / doctor put us onto it. I believe there might be more potent probiotics out there.


In regard to the candida, how are we to know if the treatment (which was a formula including bark, pomegranate) has worked? Without doing the tests again...any ideas?


Apart from starting school, there isn't really anything that has changed. Maybe he has started a new basketball season (but seems to love it).


Thanks again for your help :)


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Hi -- A note about the probiotic you are taking. While that looks like a quality product, it can be helpful to take a combination strain rather than one with only Lactobacillus Rahmnosus. I'm on the road right now but can try to send some suggestions later.


I would consider seeing a physician to see if she or he would prescribe Nystatin or Diflucan to address the candida if it was so significant. That's just a suggestion.


It's great you are getting the other nutrients into him!

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thankyou Sheila, yes we definetly need to get a better probiotic into him. Thanks for the suggestion


I also have heard / read about Nystatin, I have also heard there may be some nasty die off effects too - I am just wondering how we would know if what we have tried may have treated the candida, obviously without doing all the invasive testing again? Any ideas?

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Here's what I would suggest -- and you know I am not a doctor. If symptoms are continuing it might be safe to assume that the candida problem has not been resolved.


Die-off is not necessarily a problem if the dosage is appropriate and one starts slowly. And if there were to be a die off problem it would show that there is still an overgrowth so the treatment was needed.


I am in touch with a dad whose 4 year old son was diagnosed with a candida problem based on a urine test. (issues: hyperactivity, poor impulse control, history of some tics). The doctor recommended Nystatin suspension 100,000 per ml, 1/2 tsp twice daily for 30 days; one refill. They are starting with once per day to avoid any die off.


Regarding your interest in finding out if the problem was resolved, I don't know how you would assess a yeast problem without testing. I know some people use a saliva in a glass of water test. I've never trusted that do-it-yourself approach compared to more conventional methods, but I have also not seriously looked into it.









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