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Aluminum adjuvant, brain inflammation, behavioural abnormalities

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"...the study found that the lowest dose (200 mcg/Kg) was the most toxic! For many outcomes, the 400 and 800 mcg/Kg dosages had no observable adverse effects, but the 200 mcg/Kg dose did.


Crepeaux (paper): Non-linear dose-response of aluminium hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity


The low toxicity of the higher dosages appears to be a consequence of dosage-dependent inflammation at the injection site. The high dosages caused intense inflammation at the injection site, forming “granulomas”. The 200 mcg/Kg dosage did not produce granulomas. Granulomas are hard nodules in tissue produced in response to injury, infection or foreign substances. Its a way the body “walls off” injured tissue and prevents the spread of infection or toxins. The granuloma appears to provide protection from Al adjuvant toxicity. The granulomas prevented the Al adjuvant particles from leaving the injection site. This explains why the 200 mcg/Kg dosage affected the brain and behavior, while the higher dosages did not.


This suggests that it is more dangerous and harmful to administer numerous small injections of Al adjuvant, compared to a large single injection capable of inducing a granuloma."


"According to the US vaccination schedule recommended by the CDC, infants are urged to receive the following (maximum) dosages of Al adjuvant:

Birth: 74 mcg/kg (250 mcg for 3.4 kg infant) (Hep B only)
2 month: 245 mcg/kg (1225 mcg for 5 kg infant) (Hep B, DTaP, HiB, pneumococcal, polio)
4 month: 150 mcg/kg (975 mcg for 6.5 kg infant) (DTaP, HiB, and pneumococcal)
6 month: 153 mcg/kg (1225 mcg for 8 kg infant) (Hep B, DTaP, HiB, pneumococcal, polio)


Since each Al-containing vaccine is not given in exactly the same location (and are often given on different limbs), each vaccine may provide a “low” dose that does not form a granuloma and hence deposits transportable Al adjuvant. Human infants are likely receiving Al adjuvant in numerous small doses that can be transported to the brain."

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