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Does "boosting the immune system" even make sense for PANS?

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While waiting for tests to be done, my PANS doctor prescribed me various things that are supposed to boost the immune system (colostrum, Agaricus blazii, probiotic). After I'd been taking them for a week I was considerably worse so in desperation I stopped them again. (That was a few days ago. I couldn't say whether stopping them has helped or not.)


What I'd like to know is, why would "boosting the immune system" be a good thing in someone who's suspetced of having an autoimmune condition? Surely that's the exact opposite of what you should be doing? I've heard of children with very bad and refractory cases of PANS actually being put on immunosuppressants with some success. My instinctive feeling, and my mother's too, is that it doesn't make any sense, but I don't know. Can any of you give me a bit more background on this? Heard any explanations, in either direction? I need to e-mail him soon about supplements so I'd like to have more idea what I'm talking about before I do.

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There's something I urgently need to ask you all before I can say anyhitng else. I have to ask you, when replying to my messages, please can you not use a particular word, at all? I can't say it myself, but if you look at this link: http://disq.us/url?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthe-roleplaying-scientists.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FHere_to_Stay%3Azca3iXPaUc0XwY9BSb818hkQbnY&cuid=4046483 , it's the sixth word on the T-shirt - just after "Elixir". I know that's a rather silly and convoluted way of getting the message across; that's OCD for you! (If you're wondering, the webpage relates to a very silly role-playing/story-telling site that I've fallen for!) And please don't say it in reply to this message! (Also, don't bother asking me why that particular word is a problem, because I don't know!)


I will post this on any more threads I post, too, just to be sure, I'm not relying on everyone on the forum seeing this one, that would be silly of me.

I'm sorry, I know that this is something you're absolutely not supposed to do, but after what happened last time, I really don't think it's safe for me to use this forum any more otherwise, and I really don't think we can manage to work out what to do if I can't use it; it's become absolutely indispensable to us.

PLEASE don't reply by saying it deliberately in the name of exposure therapy. You have no idea how violent my reactions to that are - especially so if I've just asked the person not to. Or maybe you do have an idea, in which case I don't need to ask you; I was just frightened in case somebody did. Believe me, I run across it accidentally often enough, and it doesn't help and the results aren't pretty!

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Wombat - I don't know of there's an easy answer to your question about boosting the immune system. Some people would agree with you and say that activating the immune system in someone who has an autoimmune disease is a bad idea. Others would say that if that autoimmune issue is caused by an infection, then activating the immune system would ultimately be a good thing, albeit a course that held risk for lots of inflammation while your body fought the infection in a more aggressive manner.


One approach would be to take things that helped your body fight inflammation for a time and then, keeping those things as part of your daily routine, you could then slowly add things that boosted the immune system. If you started to feel worse, you could then back off the immune boosting piece or you could increase the things that reduced the inflammation - or both.

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