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Petition for the Canadian Paediatric Society

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Hi everyone,


I have not posted in this forum in quite some time, mostly because my kids have been doing pretty well over the last couple of years. However, in the beginning, this forum was a lifesaver and also my link to finding other Canadian parents at that time.


I hope it is permitted that I post this here and if not no hurt feelings if it is taken down....


I just wanted everyone to know that the organization PANDAS/PANS Ontario that I co-founded a few years ago is working on a petition to the Canadian Paediatric Society asking them to create a position statement and practice point for PANDAS/PANS and to make it available to their members immediately. We are really struggling still for quality care in our country and especially in Ontario. We're hoping that this will be a start to making some positive change.


Please check out the link to the petition and please consider commenting about your story at the bottom and sharing it with as many people as you can.




Thanks for listening! And Ontario parents...if you haven't connected with us and are looking for local support and other families from your area to discuss practitioner options and be involved in our events check us out here....





Much love...Kerry



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I just signed. Thank you for this initiative. It is so important to improve knowledge and it's difficult to get a diagnosis when a disease is not in a guidelines for MD's. Whe had a painful experience here in Quebec with our child. Hopefully you will be eared!

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