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I haven't been on the forum for about a year and want to leave an update on our ds now 9. His main symptoms were irritability and inability to let go of things. He cycled through various kinds of tics.


we stopped all medication, including abx, and all supplements to start fresh.

DS got ASD diagnosis in June at MGH Leap program.

He is currently on fish oil with hi EPA (Nordic naturals has been recommended to us and we did not try any other brand) and melatonin 2 mg for better sleep.

We also changed schools from a Montessori to a local public school where he has IEP.

All in all, he is doing better, more stable and longer periods of being stable than ever before. Still many challenges including transitions and socialization.

I wish you all best of luck.


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hard to say, really if he had pandas. his exacerbations did not follow closely after he would get infected. he did have hi titers to mycoplasma for a long time.

there is an autoimmune component for sure but the cause is hard to pinpoint.

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