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sudden hyperdrive tics, 54 year old


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Im 54 yrs old, I have had TS since about 11 or 12yrs old, my tics have always been somewhat manageable, eye tics and neck tic and some throaght clearing but nothing that would prevent me from functioning normally.




I woke up at 4am and coul not stop moving my neck up and down like crazy!. that night the the awhfull beginning of my tics going into hyperdrive!

Then the nights turned into days and now its hard to eat, breath normal and do my job without keeping my chin tucked to my chest! And that makes every muscle in my neck ache with pain.


I tried some CBD oil, no change. I quit drinking caffine, no change.


I saw a nuerologist, he perscribed mw Xenazine and Xanex. The Xanex does help me remaim calm but the Xenazine does not help slow my desire to ruin my neck and throat with tics.


I saw a endecrinoligist, and my blood tests where all normal.


Again, the mystery here is WHAT could have caused my tics to go crazy! I'm 54 years old. I own my own cleaning company for 23 years and I'm starteing to feel if I don't get these tics under control I don't know how I can keep doing my job?


Every day seems like a mountain!



Any Ideas?


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Hi I'm so sorry to hear this,it must be very difficult and shocking for you. My understanding is limited. My 8 year old has had tics for 3 years. I always have chalked them down to infection I strongly feel he has PANDAS - however, in the UK the doctors here arent up on PANDAS tests and treatment. His tics do seem to flare with illness and I found taking his diet dairy and gluten free reduced tic frequency. Seems to be some connection to his immune system and antibodies being produced in reaction to the food. I've also looked into leaky gut syndrome and how that can cause antibodies to enter the blood stream and attack areas of the brain that control tics. I dont think he is allergic to these foods but is sensitive hence they dont show up in blood tests. I just monitors him whilst removing and re -introducing foods.


Had you been ill prior to the sudden increase? as far back as 3 months can still produce a reaction. Candida overgrowth can produce tic flares too.

Maybe you've developed some allergies? You say you have a cleaning company, have you changed any products that you use recently? Could you have developed a dust allergy or been in contact with any mold? i"m just throwing ideas out there. I'm sure you've thought of them all. Had you experience a traumatic event prior? Stress hormones can effect the immune system long term along with brain chemistry. Could you have eaten something different? It might be worth looking into food allergies as I've read that they can develop later on in life especially celiac disease which is a autoimmune response to gluten. I really hope its none of these things and that the tics disappear from you as suddenly as they came.


Take care, T .


P.s. Things that have helped my son are: daily oral magnesium and magnesium soaks. Homeopathy and Cranial osteopathy - I had to explore the holistic/alternative approach and the conventional doctors here just say "oh its very common, just dont change anything or talk about them...they'll go away"

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I would agree with others that it makes sense to see if anything related to your cleaning company has changed dramatically, if indeed you come into contact with cleaning products or homes yourself (not just your employees)m.


Any chance of a major toxic exposure to old, new renovations, heavy pesticide use? The cleaning products themselves are also suspect but again, it would probably require a dramatic switch.


Do you live in a location where someone else handles pesticide treatment?


it could also be a combination of exposures and infection that set things off. The blood testing recommended is an excellent place to start as well.


I'll send you a message and see if you are still getting on the forum to let us know how you are doing and what you have learned.

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