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Antiviral working?!? What does that mean?

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Dd11 was flaring- aggression, rage, OCD, etc. and we tried an antiviral- amantadine- for the first time and it actually seems to be working! Aggression and raging stopped right after beginning it and hasn't returned- it's been about a week now.... So here's the question- coincidence? Was the flare over anyway? Or is it actually working?? Keep her on it? Take her off and see what happens? I haven't researched antivirals much (we've never tried one, so all my experience has been with abx), she still on zith and Bactrim as well....


What does it mean when/if an antiviral does something?? What should I be thinking about going forward?

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My daughter was diagnosed PANS in Jan and put on Amantadine too. It has antiviral but also anti-inflammatory properties. We suspected viral triggers since we never found strep or other infections. It could be that your child has viral infections triggering her symptoms and/or that the Amantadine is helping with inflammation. Either or both of those scenarios would potentially reduce symptoms....killing viral infection and reducing inflammation.

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Dd is still doing great on amantadine-- seeing a huge shift in her, this is the biggest and quickest and most significant response to meds that I've ever seen in her in this amount of time.


So, what were we missing before? If antiviral is working, what's causing the "viral load"? I'm not really understanding and want to know if there's anything I should be doing going forward? Things to watch for? Testing to consider??? I'm afraid to say it because I'm afraid to jinx it, but I feel like she's coming back finally- maybe more than she truly has in over 3 years?!?!?!!!! Anxiety is dissipating, OCD incredibly improved, irritability almost completely gone, kindness and empathy returning, appropriate responses to upsetting situations-- a completely different kid than she was 2 weeks ago!! Obviously I'll keep her on this and not even consider rocking that boat for quite some time, but what could amantadine be hitting that zith, Bactrim, mino, etc. weren't???


LLM, would love to have you chime in if you happen to see this!!!!


Happy New Year all!

--feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time! <3

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