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PANS FLARE After a surgery or with a menstral cycle

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Previously diagnosed with PANS 11/14 and then Lyme 11/15

My 22 year old austism spectrum daughter had her wisdom teeth removed 11/22/16 and did remarkably well. Took care of herself and kept up with her medications. Then the OCD got worse during recovery then on day 8 pre- menstral cycle started acting scattered. Then Dec 1 as she was a work would not come out of the bathroom stall and a female employee had to get her out.

We are in the psychotic phase of PANS or flare of lyme.

Our immunologist that we go to for PANS said come in for a rocephin shot and our Lyme doctor said it can be a secondary infection from the wisdom teeth or her period or all of the above.

Has anyone experienced a flare from PANS or Lyme after a surgical procedure or a monthly cycle and what did you do?

Has anyone had a Rocephin shot and how did it work?

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If nitrous oxide was used during her dental work, that could be the problem. For anyone with low B12 levels, it's downright dangerous. I think (but don't have time to look much up right now), that those with MTHFR mutations don't tolerate the nitrous oxide well either, and many ASD and Pandas people have the snp.


If your doc is unaware of the B12 and nitrous oxide issue, there are plenty of reliable resources that show this. Also, low B12 causes psychological as well as physiological problems.




Personally, after reading some of the links, I think it's downright criminal to give anasthesia without checking B12 levels first!

I hope this helps in some way. MethylB12 infections are easy to give, and you can get them from some compounding pharmacies. Please keep us updated.

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