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Overheating and peppery taste

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I keep getting a kind of peppery taste in my mouth as if I've been eating spicy food (I haven't). And I keep feeling a rather similar way in the rest of me - overheated, grubby, stuffy - when I've been doing the slightest exercise, or even when I haven't, and I also can't eat when I'm feeling like that, I feel kind of sick. When I once get like that I have to have a wash in cold water to get rid of it, just standing in the cold will not shift it. It's less like actually being too hot, I suppose, more like a grubby residue that's left after being too hot has dried up, if that makes any sense.


Does anyone else get this, and is it associated with anything particular? I've sometimes wondered if it has womething to do with adrenaline/cortisol, because it often happens when I'm reading something exciting or playing vidoe games. But that's just a guess.

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What you are saying makes somewhat sense, if I understand correctly. My daughter used to have a severe craving for salty/spicy foods. I was told by a chiropractor that this is an adrenal insufficiency. The adrenals spill salt into the bloodstream. A way to counteract this would be Vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C support adrenal function. Make sure to take one that is well absorbed, or eat high vitamin c foods.



If you think that this is related to adrenals, I would strongly suggest you look into Lyme disease. Lyme hits the adrenals last, at a point where you would be really sick.

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Just coming back to this, because it's really being a pain at the moment: mine is the opposite of that, really - I hate spicy food and I feel as if I've been eating it when I haven't. So would that sound like too MUCH adrenaline, and what would you do about that?


I'm pretty sure now that it is adrenaline, because I've reached a point of being able to defy my OCD directly so I'm in a state of high stress almost constantly and the burning feeling is almost continuous.


As for looking into Lyme disease, I'm trying, but we've been having terrible trouble finding doctors, Found someone likely now, though, waitin to hear from him.

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Thanks but again this seems to be talking about too little adrenaline, rather than too much? Surely what's good for too little must be bad for too much? Or does that not make sense?


Also, if we're talking about the same product (searching for "cytozyme" turned up a few different things, but mostly not related to adrenaline), it seems to be an extract of calves' adrenal gland. So is that like providing adrenaline artificially? like thyroxine for thyroid deficiency? If so, hardly a case of "can't do any harm"!

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