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Louisa --


I don't have a specific recommendation, but if no one gets back to you with a name or two, you might try reaching out to some of the folks listed with the International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation on their web "Find Help" page:




The psych we found via this resource happens to be both OCD and ASD-savvy, but she's here in the Midwest. Still, I think the IOCDF is a good starting point. I would just start with some calls and ask each therapist/psych specifically about their experience with ASD in addition to anxiety disorders.


I might also suggest that you could possibly reach out to Dr. Eric Storch of the Rogers pediatric OCD program in Florida?




I attended a session at an IOCDF conference a few years ago, aimed at practitioners, that Dr. Storch led regarding the treatment of OCD in ASD individuals. He knows his stuff, and he has been, in the past anyway, pretty accessible via phone and/or Skype. I don't know that he would be ideal for ongoing treatment even if he would engage in Skype appointments on a regular basis, but perhaps he knows of a colleague in your area that would have a skill set in this particular field?


All the best!

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