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Naproxen Cycling and Flares

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DS, 17, is currently taking Naproxen, 550 mgs, twice a day, for three weeks on and one week off. While taking the medicine, his mood is improved, although nowhere near as good as after IVIg. Every fourth week, he is supposed to be off of the medication. We have never made it to seven days of the fourth week, because his mood is so foul. He is mean, aggressive (especially with his Dad), and just plain difficult to live with. He also cries quite a bit during that fourth week.


I think that means that there is inflammation going on somewhere in the brain. Would this be a good indicator for IVIg? We are still trying to get the insurance company to pay for the Moleculera testing and have our follow-up appointment on January 5th.


Your thoughts???

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We finally did a steroid burst back in May 2016, for DS17 when he flared really badly and we couldn't get the inflammation under control with our usual methods (ibuprofen, charcoal, detox intensity, etc.). This was after two IVIg rounds.

So far so good, even though I'm sure the flares will cycle on and off.

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Dd responded to steroid treatments as well. But then after 8 months or so symptoms started up again although not exactly the same. We were also thinking that inflammation is the issue and it may be that the steroids did just that. However, her GP said that perhaps what the treatment did was reset her immune system when it was haywire. Her pandas doctor started mitochondrial support and she her symptoms are still there they are less intense to where she has a sense of control. Insurance wasn't going to pay so I started setting aside money to get the test done. It's cheaper if you do it on your own, but I paid a little more and did it through children's hospital which allowed us to do the test quicker and give me more time to pay it.


Mom or dad can be triggers which adds to an already extremely stressful situation. Dd symptoms could easily get exasperated when mom and dads stress overflowed. Sometimes we need a little outside help. A full body massage for anyone involved in stress won't hurt.

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